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Management of Standardization

Source:NASG    Time:2013-12-23 09:12:00

China has formed a structure consisting of National Technical Standardization Committee of Geographic Information (serial No.: SAC/TC230) and NASG Surveying & Mapping Standardization Work Committee, which are complementary to each other. In order to ensure scientific, institutional and normalized surveying & mapping standardization, China has published a series of management methods and plans including “Management Method for Surveying & Mapping Standardization”, “Management Method for Geographic Information Standardization”, “Management Procedure for Standard Formulation and Revision in Surveying & Mapping Projects”, “Notice on Strengthening Standardization Management of Fundamental Surveying & Mapping and Major Surveying & Mapping Projects”, “‘11th Five-year Planning’ for Surveying & Mapping Standardization” and “‘12th Five-year Planning’ for Surveying & Mapping Geographic Information Standardization”, thereby strengthening the standardization management.
As a technical organization of China engaging in standardization in the field of geographic information, National Technical Standardization Committee of Geographic Information is mainly responsible for planning, coordination and centralized management of national standards of geographic information. It aims to speed up geographic information standardization in China, promote construction and application of geographic information resources and propel geographic information sharing. Entrusted by the Standardization Administration of the People’s Republic of China, NASG is responsible for leading and managing the committee for standardization of geographic information.
As a policy maker, consultant and organization for centralized management of surveying & mapping geographic information standardization, NASG Surveying & Mapping Standardization Work Committee is mainly responsible for planning, coordination, guidance and consultation of surveying & mapping standardization, namely, formulation and revision of surveying & mapping standard system, assistance in the plan for surveying & mapping standardization, proposal for national standard and industrial standard and examination of drafts, review comments and suggestions about project approval, examination of standardization of major surveying & mapping projects, making suggestions to NASG about reward for surveying & mapping standardization results, organization of academic communications on surveying & mapping standardization; tracking, analysis and translation of related advanced international standards; suggestions on adoption of international standards. 

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