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Internationalization of Technical Standards

Source:NASG    Time:2013-12-23 09:13:00

China began to participate in international standardization work since ISO/TC 211 was founded in 1994 and became a positive member (P member) in 1995. In China, the competent department of surveying and mapping is NASG, while National Geomatics Center of China undertakes domestic technical work of ISO/TC 211, and it is mainly responsible for organizing domestic experts to participate in the formulation of ISO/TC 211 international standard, attend the plenary meeting and work team meeting of ISO/TC 211, make suggestions for revision of the standards and technical specifications formulated by the organization and cast a vote on behalf of China.

As a positive member (P member) country of ISO/TC 211, China actively fulfilled its obligations and responsibilities, and undertook the 7th and 25th ISO/TC 211 plenary session and work group meeting in Beijing and Xi’an in 1998 and 2007 respectively. During the formulation and revision of the international standard, China, as a member of the project team or the editorial board, participated in formulation of over 40 international standards.

To promote technical progress, improve the level of standardization and make itself geared to international standards, China, as a P member country of ISO/TC 211, actively advocates and uses international standards and makes adoption of standard a regular task. Amongst the 58 international standards, technical specifications or technical reports that have been released by ISO/TC 211, 30 have been converted or being converted by into the Chinese national standards, thereby gradually establishing a synergetic mechanism for both domestic and international standardization.

After many years of continuous accumulation of knowledge about and experience in international geographic information standardization, the proposal of the international standard project of “Content Model of and Coding Rules on Geographic Information Image and Grid Data”, which was spearheaded by China, was approved by all members of ISO/TC 211, and was adopted as the No. 600 Resolution at the 35th plenary session of ISO/TC 211 held in December 2012, marking official approval of the international standard project (project code: 19163), making a breakthrough for China to play a leading role in the field of surveying & mapping geographic information, increasing the voice and influence of China in the field of international surveying & mapping geographic information. Now, the international standard project has been officially kicked off and all works proceed as planned.


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